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If PR is indeed a mix of journalism, psychology, and lawyering, this is the most powerful and engaging career anyone could ask for!

Angela Joenck Pinto, Founder

The OneVoice Story

It all began in 2005, when journalist Angela Joenck Pinto left her job at the newsroom and decided to have a go at the mysterious and fascinating world of Public Relations, opening a new media agency called Bureau, in the city of Porto Alegre, southern Brazil.
In one year, the company had already secured contracts with multinational clients such as Terra Networks (Telefónica) and some of the most traditional unions and political parties of the country.
In 2009, this expansion resulted in the opening of a sister agency, OneVoice, Focused at the international market, the new company won contracts around Europe, while still maintaining its connections with Latin America. Finally, in 2013, OneVoice opened its first office in Britain, right in the heart of Glasgow’s Buchanan Street.





What our clients say about OneVoice


My experience working with OneVoice Agency has been shaped by their ability to turn small budgets and clear objectives into sharp and targeted media strategies. Their approach is focused, professional and savvy!

Anne Rockland,


Since we started working with OneVoice, we have witnessed strong creativity in communication coupled with high IT skills , along with a team that is committed, integrated and wholly competent.

Jake Bertran,
SMI Entertainment.

The History of OneVoice at a Glance

  • 2009

    OneVoice Agency founded

    Porto Alegre. Brazil. Our sister agency, Bureau Assessoria, was getting way to busy, and the favourable economic growth in South America meant one thing: expansion!  So OneVoice Agency was born to handle a growing international portfolio.

  • 2011

    Acquiring a base in Europe

    It soon became clear that we needed someone to take care of our business in Europe, and OneVoice became an agency in its own right. Many air miles were acquired and many espressos consumed as we worked for our first clients in Italy, France and England, while still keeping in touch with the booming Brazilian market.

  • 2012

    Localisation Test Lab

    How many languages can one speak? Lots, apparently!  Our Localisation Test Lab was created in 2012 with 31 languages under our belt, and since then, we translated everything from Soap Operas <…Poor girl falls in love with rich guy…his family doesn’t like her…you know what happens next…>, Phone manuals, Apps and Video Games!

  • 2013

    OneVoice launches UK office

    Exciting times! In 2013, we decided to move to Britain for good and made Scotland our home. Our offices in Glasgow, Scotland’s largest urban economy and one of Europe’s 16 largest financial centres, is located in Buchanan Street, right in the heart of the city centre. Come and pay us a visit! 

Who’s Behind OneVoice


Angela Joenck Pinto


Born in the midst of political turmoil and censorship of the Brazilian military dictatorship in the ’70s, Angela Joenck Pinto grew up with the desire to communicate creatively and intelligently.

She began her career at age of 13, as a guest on a Sunday night radio program. Soon after that, she became a guest commentator on a music show in one of the local TV stations. That early start led her eventually to a diploma in Journalism and a career as a writer for international publications, with subjects ranging from science to the coverage of the arts scene. Angela collaborated with vehicles like Terra Networks, MTV and Rolling Stone Magazine Brazil.

Nurturing her constant curiosity for all things techy, Angela studied computer programming and web development. From there, she founded her first Communications Agency, Bureau, in 2005. With the company’s success, she found herself spending an increasingly amount of time abroad and expanding on her networking contacts.

In 2013, Angela established her new venture in Glasgow, OneVoice Agency, where she’s bringing her unique vision of communication and media – combining traditional methods and new technology – to companies across the UK and Europe.



This is what we do...

Web development

Web development

From WordPress to bespoke PHP and JAVA. We create digital solutions that make organizations more successful.

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Cross Platform Design

Cross Platform Design

We do love our design…Record covers, posters, flyers and beautiful websites that work seamlessly between platforms.

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PR & Marketing

PR & Marketing

We don’t buy ads. We don’t write stories for reporters. We do protect, enhance and build our client’s reputations ethically. Always.

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Localisation & Testing

Localisation & Testing

“You say ‘Tomato’ and I say…’西红柿’?? Don’t worry, your website, app or game will be safe, with testers for 31 languages! That’s Chinese up there, by the way…

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Social Media

Social Media

You’re too busy to keep track of your Twitter & Facebook campaigns. We understand…OneVoice can come to the rescue with tailored packages for every budget!

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Creative Content

Creative Content

We’ve been providing exclusive content for international news websites, magazines and newspapers for ages. Really. Thankfully, none of of our clients got tired of us yet.

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